Make Some Announcement About Kalengo’s Recent Activities

I’d like to make some announcement on our development.
1. We have opened more public pages to investors for better user experience, including Asset Screener, Asset Correlations Analysis, Interactive Stock Chart, Top Asset Rankings.
2. Watch your stock in a tag cloud form? The tag cloud change the asset text size according their ranks.
Come to visit the landing page of Kalengo. You know where to find us.
3. Two bogs have been set up to inform users of latest product and service, tools directory, important affair.
4. We have refined Company Introduction.
Kalengo, founded in 2008, is an innovative financial service startup. It enables self-directed investors better manage their portfolios with investment applications on a social platform, including:
● Socially-aware portfolio analysis tools
● Curated financial information collected, aggregated, and filtered from 10,000+ blogs and media sources
● Interactive/Dynamic financial data visualization
Easy to use and easy to understand, Kalengo succeeds in delivering the concept of portfolio diversification and optimization, risk-adjusted return combined with social network elements.
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