Twitter, Digg, Kalengo – We all are experiencing growing pain…

Our website went down today due to a problem and I received e-mail inquiries from some users.

It was supposed to be an unpleasant thing although we completely understand  that “these things happen” with a beta site. Well, then I decide to discover something interesting  on Digg and share with my twitter friends, but only to find that Digg has broken too! At the same time, I heart my colleague yelling, “%#*&, Twitter went down!”

Things turn to be funny. Twitter, Digg, just like Kalengo – we all are experiencing growing pain.

Digg is releasing a new version and I guess tech team of Digg is also scratching their heads from time to time, like our Winson, the dataman.

Twitter? I guess the birds are so popular that they are having a tough time to carry the user group as big as a whale.

Well, as for Kalengo, thing happens. We are not making excuse, but relieving stress. It’s a tough journey.

Service is back now and we’re releasing a platform with a better contingency plan and implementation. Thanks for the efforts of Tech team.

If you meet some entertaining image when the a website goes down, tell me. I may include them into my blog. ^ ^

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