About Us


Kalengo is an innovative financial social network that brings the best of investment analysis together with collective market intelligence. Built on an open and extensible social network platform, Kalengo delivers to investors highly-personalized, interactive, and institutional-quality portfolio analysis tools, curated financial information from millions of news articles and blog posts, as well as intuitive, dynamic financial data visualization.

Site Features

The product and service distinguishing Kalengo as the next generation financial social network includes:

1. Institutional-quality Analysis Tools for Portfolio and Assets

  • Optimize your portfolio to maximize your expected return without taking on additional risk
  • Monitor your portfolio’s risk and style against benchmarks
  • Watch specific asset and analyze assets’ relationship between each other

2. Curated Financial Information (http://www.kalengo.com/apps/asset_beta/dis)

  • Monitor how news move the market as well as your stock
  • Easily gauge market sentiment from millions of news article and blog posts

3. Wisdom of the Masses in Investment Community

  • Evaluate your performance in the community by comparing with others
  • Observe the top players’ behavior or simply mirror their strategies for your comfort
  • Share and exchange investment ideas and opinions

Our Team

Prior to starting Kalengo, our team of Wall Street veterans spent years on building FinPortfolio – “Online Investing Tools That Leap Light-Years Ahead” (Business Week). “FinPortfolio Attracts Wall Street Attention with First Real-time Interactive Online Asset Allocation Tools.” (World Journal)

Kalengo is now taking FinPortfolio’s tools to the next level by combining its tool raved about in the press with social investing.

“By leveraging collective intelligence of the community, Kalengo is able to make the often abstract concept of finance and portfolio management much more meaningful and personalized to the Average Joe investors.” said Tony Zhang, the founder and CEO of Kalengo.”)

Kalengo’s core team has previously worked for major Wall Street firms and large technology companies including Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and other major financial firms. They bring together significant knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of active portfolio management, financial engineering, risk management, enterprise web development, and strategic marketing and consulting.

Contact Us

Contact us with any questions, comments or helpful feedback. We are committed to delivering the highest customer service and support, and with your help we will.

Websites: http://www.kalengo.com

General Information – info @ kalengo.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/InvestorGo

Phone: (650) 396-8168

Fax: (646) 862-8192


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