How does Finance Benefit from Social Media

Corporations built around social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are among the hottest technology companies in the world. The ability to keep up with these new Web 2.0 technologies may determine whether a company can remain competitive in today’s market. But investing with collective intelligence is a paradigm shift. We can see it from some successful examples, like, and continually growing startups, like Meanwhile customers in financial service industry are adopting a more self-directed approach and seeking a transparent environment in which to build trusted relationships online.

What are the characteristics of Social Media?
● Mutual participation and contribution – Users form trusted relationships online.

● Streamlined activities – Connections stay current on each other’s activities and opinions.

● Collective Intelligence – By sharing, following and exchanging information, users can benefit from the experience of others.

Why should enterprise care about Social Media?

Socially networking supports an informative and business generating experience. Corporations are making their presence in social media and social networking in order to boost brand recognition, user experience, sales and marketing, etc. One example is Starbucks Coffee. The company launched, an open online forum where customers submit their ideas on how Starbucks can improve or innovate. According to market research from Freshnetworks, 50,000 ideas were submitted in the first 4 months as well as thousands of blog posts and customers conversations regarding the brand.

Why should enterprises care about social media? In short:
● Enhancing Customer Loyalty – Builds a community around a brand. Creates direct conversation with customers.

● Building Company Image – Expresses corporate mission, culture and personality in a cost effective way.

● Conducting Viral Marketing – Leverages intangible assets and the power of word of mouth advertising (speedy dissemination).

Why should finance bother with Social Media?
By integrating social components into its user interface, financial websites make it possible for customers to easily communicate financial information with trusted connections, have discussions with like-minded individuals, learn from experience of others and form mutually beneficial online investment communities. Protectionism, as we know it, is strong in the financial service industry, yet finance demands more for real-time and reliable information. Digital transparency is creating reputable value and enhancing customer confidence. A friend of mine worked with financial service startup named The company specializes in building an open and extensible financial social platform. From the first-time, novice buyer to the privileged group of industry professionals who receive preferential treatment, individual investors get an idea of overall trend and statistics; such as the most bought and sold stocks, average prices and lot sizes, and so forth. Individuals are able to counter the information asymmetry that has traditionally put them at a disadvantage compared to financial institutions and financial services professionals, and thus, making a better and more informed investment.

Social media is taking the financial service industry by storm. Some may use it to enhance customer loyalty, others to generate potential leads and utilize its viral marketing benefits. Whatever the case, we can see more and more startups creating new and innovative ways to fully utilize the power of social media; a powerful tool that should not be ignored.

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Incorporate Your Personal View When Optimizing Portfolio

When you apply Modern Portfolio Theory, the basic two inputs to calculate the optimal portfolio sets based on your current portfolio, include expected return and average risk. But due to technical limitations, the majority of online investing tools are using historical inputs instead.

What if investors can incorporate their personal view of market and adjust the expected return and risk (like the following picture manifesting)?

Check our website and experience the new Portfolio Optimization.

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Twitter, Digg, Kalengo – We all are experiencing growing pain…

Our website went down today due to a problem and I received e-mail inquiries from some users.

It was supposed to be an unpleasant thing although we completely understand  that “these things happen” with a beta site. Well, then I decide to discover something interesting  on Digg and share with my twitter friends, but only to find that Digg has broken too! At the same time, I heart my colleague yelling, “%#*&, Twitter went down!”

Things turn to be funny. Twitter, Digg, just like Kalengo – we all are experiencing growing pain.

Digg is releasing a new version and I guess tech team of Digg is also scratching their heads from time to time, like our Winson, the dataman.

Twitter? I guess the birds are so popular that they are having a tough time to carry the user group as big as a whale.

Well, as for Kalengo, thing happens. We are not making excuse, but relieving stress. It’s a tough journey.

Service is back now and we’re releasing a platform with a better contingency plan and implementation. Thanks for the efforts of Tech team.

If you meet some entertaining image when the a website goes down, tell me. I may include them into my blog. ^ ^

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Make Some Announcement About Kalengo’s Recent Activities

I’d like to make some announcement on our development.
1. We have opened more public pages to investors for better user experience, including Asset Screener, Asset Correlations Analysis, Interactive Stock Chart, Top Asset Rankings.
2. Watch your stock in a tag cloud form? The tag cloud change the asset text size according their ranks.
Come to visit the landing page of Kalengo. You know where to find us.
3. Two bogs have been set up to inform users of latest product and service, tools directory, important affair.
4. We have refined Company Introduction.
Kalengo, founded in 2008, is an innovative financial service startup. It enables self-directed investors better manage their portfolios with investment applications on a social platform, including:
● Socially-aware portfolio analysis tools
● Curated financial information collected, aggregated, and filtered from 10,000+ blogs and media sources
● Interactive/Dynamic financial data visualization
Easy to use and easy to understand, Kalengo succeeds in delivering the concept of portfolio diversification and optimization, risk-adjusted return combined with social network elements.
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Are you feeling pretty comfortable when you have 25 stocks and mutual funds in your portfolio?

Diversification is an eternal topic in investment management. Since a portfolio is generally considered to be diversified with 15-20 stocks, you feel pretty comfortable that you are diversified suppose you have 25 stocks and mutual funds in your portfolio, don’t you?

But what if the assets in one portfolio move in the same direction at the same time, that’s is, they are highly related? The hedge you expect by holding a lot of assets is gone. Let’s do some simple exercise.

Suppose we randomly pick the first asset when we enter characters from A to K in the Asset Correlation Analyzer, the assets we select are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, HAL, IBM, JBHT, K.

Let’s check the outcome of the correlation matrix.

It is not only the number of the assets in your portfolio, but how they relate to each other that determines your level of diversification. Ultimately, the risk of the portfolio, or the amount the portfolio return vary, will depend on the extent to which the portfolio holdings move together.

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Increase Your Return Simply by Clicking Optimization

You may already have stocks or mutual funds as a portion of your portfolio, but you may haven’t noticed you are not getting most of your current portfolio at the given risk level. In one word, you are earning less than you could.
Important as you construct your portfolio, Kalengo helps you decide how much of each asset you should hold in the portfolio, in order to maximize your expected return without taking on additional risk.
Simply by clicking Optimization, you may find your expected return moving from current spot to the optimal one.
With Portfolio Optimization, Kalengo provides you with three views.
  • The first view shows you the current portfolio in relation to the set of all optimal portfolios, known as Efficient Frontier (as Graph 1 shows)
  • The second view shows the current and optimal weight of each asset, the risk and return between the current and optimal portfolio.
  • The third view is the pie chart of current and optimal portfolio.
If you are reaching the optimal portfolio, that’s good. If not, just adjust and rebalance your portfolio with the indications.
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Job Posting: Assistant of Education Marketing Director at Kalengo, LLC

Job Title: Assistant of Education Marketing at Kalengo, LLC

Location: United States 94114

Type: Part-time

Experience: Associate

Industries: Financial service

Functions: Public Relations

Job Description:

The role of the Assistant of Education Marketing Director is to assist director to lead a team responsible for revolutionizing the way the education community engages with financial analytics and financial intelligence. The expectation is to formulate and direct the strategy for supporting and promoting the use of Kalengo’s technology and financial social network with higher education financial-experts-to-be users while delivering strong results (awareness, demand and sales) of marketing and sales programs. This includes (but is not limited to) the market research, strategic planning, implementation and reporting of effective marketing distribution campaigns devoted to financial school in United States. The ideal candidate for this position is a recent college graduate with a finance or economics, or related degree.


• ability to make effective presentations with excellent speaking skills

• direct research that quantifies market potential of our product and service

• collect and analyze the competitor’s data

• plan strategy, implement in aspect of education marketing based on the decision of education marketing director

• ability to make effective presentations with excellent speaking skills• direct research that quantifies market potential of our product and service• collect and analyze the competitor’s data

• plan strategy, implement in aspect of education marketing based on the decision of education marketing director

Company Overview:

Kalengo is an innovative financial social network that brings the best of investment analysis together with collective market intelligence. Built on an open and extensible social network platform, Kalengo delivers to investors highly-personalized, interactive, and institutional-quality portfolio analysis tools, curated financial information from millions of news articles and blog posts, and intuitive and dynamic financial data visualization.

If interested, Send your resume to

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